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Here at MUSE RING we are a dynamic and experienced team working together to inspire and simplify your life through wearable technology . Our smart ring is transforming how you utilize your smart devices, interact within your environment and with those you communicate with. Our team's talents are multi-faceted, ranging from jewelry and product design to software programming and building businesses from the ground up. We're a close and enthusiastic community that thrives on developing new technologies to create inspired tomorrows.



Oddie has been engineering teams and products for over 40 years as he worked his way up at Chrysler engineering to plant manager of Massey Ferguson’s Transmission & Axle. Oddie moved on to Cars & Concepts as vice-president and shortly after became a partner in the company where he would serve as president until 1995 when he became president & CEO of Maxima Technologies & Systems. He led a management buy-out of Maxima in 2003 and sold the company for 9.3 tomes EBITDA in 2006 to Actuant Corporation, a $1.5B NYSE listed company. Since then Oddie has been the CEO of Everite Machine Products and is focused on strategic direction, operational excellence, business transformation for growth, and bolt-on acquisitions. Oddie is also a member of the board of directors for Everite Holdings, Precision Hydraulics, and Electron Energy. He is Principal Associate of Investor Management Services, a global management and investment consulting team specializing in operational distinction, turnaround situations, organic growth, and acquisitions in addition to being an Operating Partner of Eureka Growth Capital, a private equity firm. Oddie’s abundant knowledge and management skills keep us on track for success.



After 44 years of being a successful jewelry maker and entrepreneur, Michael accumulated both the skill sets and connections in order to envision and produce the most amazing product ever. At the age of 15 he started at the apprenticeship rate of $1.00/hour and nearly three years later Michael opened his own repair and then retail jewelry store in 1976. Working nearly night and day for 18 years making, repairing and fitting jewelry to people’s needs. In 1994 he became a "Registered Jeweler" with the American Gem Society and in 2000 he became a Jewelers Of America "JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler"; the only person to hold both such titles. Then in 2001 he was awarded "Pennsylvania Bench Jeweler of the Year" by the Pennsylvania Jewelers Association.

Michael met his mentor Glenn Rothman, the visionary founder of "Hearts on Fire" diamonds, in 1997. Glenn's insight into branding, human nature and the importance of paradigm change and reinvention in all aspects of life had a profound impact on Michael. The next 10 years came a series of highly successful "special projects" including both jewelry and non-jewelry. Michael purchased land and built a 57-lot subdivision. He made a functioning jet turbine engine ring for celebrity Jay Leno matching the full size turbine jet car that Jay created. Following the Jay Leno project famous carmaker, Rob Ida, challenged Michael to build a special ring for a "Tucker Torpedo" original Tucker Concept car that Rob was making. Michael offered that he could make a ring, which would match the car, open the door and start it as well.

Fast forward to 2012… Michael filed a patent for a wearable electronic device having an interface for electronic communication. He continued R&D work on his own and then with the support of his business partners, Oddie Leopando and Ceasar Harbor. Michael realized that the car door opening and starting, wearers heart rate and temperature, 911 and smarthome features etc. were in reality a language that was being "spoken" direct to an enabled device or through their smartphone up to the cloud (ioT). The "action" Michael proposed was the same organic/intuitive swiping and tapping motion (through a series of capacitive discharge plates) that he had observed all his years of observation when Michael's clients would straighten, center or spin their rings on their fingers with their thumb. The ring style as a piece of jewelry was reinvented in order to be stylish, comfortable and not let on about its life enhancing features. Muse Ring is efficient, covert and completes the necessary link (node) for singularity between people and the benefits of technology without getting your phone out.



Over 25 years of professional experience with 16 years in the consumer electronics industry, Ceasar has specialized in audio and wireless technology at recognized consumer brands including: Pioneer, Altec Lansing, Sol Republic, Logitech, The House of Marley, Jam Audio, HMDX Audio, and Homedics.  While Ceasar managed the Jam Audio line, he built it into a $100+ million dollar business in just 18 months and maintained the #1 selling Bluetooth speaker line in the United States for 3 years in a row.  Ceasar’s expertise in product, sourcing, supply chain, and program management in addition to his talents in product development and operations have helped our team immensely in bringing our dream to reality.


Muse Ring is a budding brand of wearable technology with a mission to intuitively simplify and inspire your lifestyle in today's fast-paced society; providing everything you love about your tech devices wrapped around your finger.


Here's a peak at the future of Muse Ring...

If you are inspired by our mission and would like to become part of our team, please introduce yourself.



control an entire eco system of compatible devices with a tap|swipe

  • •IFTTT compatible

  • •control your headphones and earbuds

  • •control your Bluetooth devices, lights, thermostat, and more

  • •works with many existing apps



while out for a jog, running errands, working, or at home relaxing tap|swipe for smart control

  • •headphone audio control (volume up|down, play|pause|skip)

  • •call answer or reject

  • •track steps, distance and goals

  • •monitor calories burned

  • •heart rate and blood pressure


convenient and intuitive ways to connect with your family, friends and devices all with simple tap|swipe combinations

  • •unlock your phone, computer or Bluetooth door

    1. •call pre-programmed numbers

    2. •alert emergency contacts of medical emergencies

    3. •encrypted passcodes for increased security

    4. •send customized responses to incoming messages

    5. •customize notification alerts for: TXT Message, Email, Incoming Call, Facetime, Calendar Event, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Wechat, Gchat, and many more





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