An innovative smart ring with the ability to intuitively turn your inspirations into actions. Track your fitness, return messages, tap the beat to the song you want to hear next.  Grow with us by clicking below to join our family tree and learn more about our roots...


Muse Ring is a beautifully designed, innovative smart ring with the ability to intuitively change the way you do everyday things while increasing your security and safety.



Today we are more active than ever. Muse Ring tracks activity, steps and sleep while providing you with valuable information about your health through daily activities and calculates calories burned. Track your favorite activities, such as running, walking, climbing, cycling, and more through the Muse APP.



Let's truly connect when in the presence of others.  Muse Ring enables you to put your phone away, yet never miss an important call or meeting whether you're visiting with friends or working out.  Get notifications, set reminders and answer or reject calls customized through the Muse APP.



Feeling safe and comfortable in any situation is vitally important.  Muse Ring has the ability to call 911 or notify contacts in case of an emergency.  You can also control your buds to turn the volume up|down or skip songs while listening to music during your commute or work out.